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Mass Flow Controller
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Mass Flow Controller

Mass flow Controller controls the gas flow automatically by an electric signal. In order to control the flow rate by measuring mass of a gas, corrections of ambient temperature or use pressure is not required. It uses a variety of process such as semiconductor, flat panel display, solar cell panel, that is required high accuracy. However, our products can be used any process, for example, it can be used in industries such as gas filling, gas welding, sintering, vapor deposition, coating, film formation, optical fiber, analysis,environment related equipment.In addition, it can be used in various laboratories such as university. We have achieved a compact mass flow controller specializing in basic performance was realized at reasonable price.

We aim to supply high quality products based on mass flow measurement and control technology. In addition, we will develop a new concept mass flow controller. We will respond to customer's needs as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us.

Product List

100 series mass flow controllers

Mass Flow Controller [1000 Series]

This is an analog model that specializes in the basic function of the mass flow controller. The suppression of Flow surge (overshoot) when the IN side valve opens.
It is optimal for use in a wide range of fields including production, equipment, experiment, research.
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Compact MFC Unit [CUBE MFC Series]

Control Power Supply and Mass Flow Controller Model 1000 Series has become the all-in-one.
It can be used by connecting the gas fitting and power outlet.
Can be used with AC85-260V.
This product is ideal for use on the desktop, space saving.


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Lineup of C1100(F.S.100LM) [Air and N2 only] to "1000 series".

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