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GFM Series

● Equipped with a mass flow sensor.
● Supports up to 200LM in compact size.
● Low pressure loss : Low loss due to simple flow path structure.
● Flow output signal : Analog (0-5VDC).
● Drive power supply (± 15V) and signal cable are required separately.
● It can be used in a wide range of fields such as flow rate measurement with various equipment such as various pumps and vacuum equipment, environmental measurement, factory equipment, and experimental equipment.
※ Upon request, we will issue a certificate, report, and traceability system diagram for flow rate calibration of our products for a fee.

Product Catalog
GFM Series Catalog
◀ [GFM Series] Catalog Download.
Type GFM050 GFM100 GFM200
Flow range 50LM 100LM 200LM
Gases Air, N2
Flow rate range 0-100% F.S
Accuracy 0-19%:±3% F.S.、20-100%:±2% F.S.(25℃)
Repeatability ±0.5% F.S
Response ≦10sec
Pressure resistance 1MPa(G)
Output signal Analog : 0-5VDC
Operating temperature 5-50℃, ≦85%RH (Scope of accuracy guarantee : 15-35℃)
Mounting attitude Free
Drive power source ±15VDC±5%、40mA
Wetted surface material Aluminum (A6061), SUS316L, SS (Trivalent chromate plating), Fluoro-Rubber
Seal material Fluoro-Rubber
Surface treatment Machined finish
Standard fitting 3 / 8R male (SS (Trivalent chromate plating)) ※Please use a conversion joint if you need a joint other than 3/8R(Male).
Weight 300g
Accessory User's manual, Written guarantee
※The flow rate unit "LM" is calibrated at 25 ° C and 1013 kPa abs (1 atm). If you wish to calibrate at 0 ° C or 20 ° C, please specify separately.
External Dimensions
1000 Series
1000 Series
GFM dedicated power supply [PA02M] and signal cable / product catalog
PA02M ● Compact size: W135 x H60 x D60mm (excluding protrusions).
● Up to 5 lines can be connected.
● Can be used with AC100-240V.
● Output: ± 15VDC (drive power supply), 0-5VDC (flow rate output), 5VDC (display power supply).
● The following 3 types of signal cables can be provided (* indicates the cable length).
① Signal cable between GFM and PA02M (SC-M- *).
② Signal cable between PA02M and display (SC-PM- *).
③ PA02M-Signal cable with display (SC-DPM- *).
※For details, please refer to the catalog and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
PA02M Catalog
◀ [PA02M]+[Signal cable]Catarog Download.
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