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newDigital Mass Flow Controller

2000 Series

2000 Series

newRoHS/CE mark compatible.
● Built-in display setting unit, setting control is possible only with the main unit.
● Driving power is DC24V single power supply (At least 500mA AC adapter can also be used).
● Compact size to realize small size and space saving.
● Easy installation to various equipment.
● Digital communication: RS485 communication.
● Analog signal: 0-5V and 4-20mA can be switched.
● Equipped with an abnormal flow rate alarm function.
● Equipped with accumulation function.
● PC Control Application Software (Optional offer).
newUpon request, Calibration certificate, Calibration report, and Traceability scheme can be prepared with additional charges.

Product Catalog

2000 Series Catalog

◀ [2000 Series] Catarog Download.
Mass Flow Controller C2005 C2020
Mass Flow Meter M2005 M2020
Flow range (N2equivalent) 10,20,30,50,100,200,300,500SCCM
10SLM new20SLM
Gases Various Gases (Please consult about corrosive gas)
Valve type NC : Normally Close (Excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Flow rate control range 2-100% F.S (Excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Accuracy ±1% F.S (Accuracy guaranteed between 15-35℃)
Setting signal Setting section of main unit, Digital: RS485, Analog: 0-5V and 4.3-20mA can be switched
(Excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Output signal Main unit display: 7 segment LED, Digital: RS485, Analog: 0-5V and 4-20mA can be switched
Repeatability ±0.2% F.S
Response ≦2sec
Operating differential pressure 50-300KPa 100-300KPa 200-300KPa
Pressure resistance 1MPa(G)
Operating temperature 5-50℃, ≦85%RH (Scope of accuracy guarantee : 15-35℃)
Leak integrity 1×10-7Pa・m3/sec He
Mounting attitude Free
Drive power source +24VDC: ≧500mA
Communication RS485, Analog: 0-5V and 4-20mA can be switched
Wetted surface material SUS316, PTFE, Fluoro-Rubber
Seal material Fluoro-Rubber
Actuator system Solenoid (excluding Mass Flow Meter)
Surface treatment Machined finish
Standard fitting 1/4in.SWL (equivalent), One-touch fittings,  ※ For other fitting, please contact us.
Accessory User's manual, Written guarantee

External Dimensions
2000 Series
2000 Series
Signal cable
The following can be produced and provided for signal cables and AC adapters for drive power.
● Digital communication cable: (RJ11)-(RJ11) (Please contact us for recommended products.)
● Analog communication cable: (Half pitch 20-pin connector)-(Terminal treatment) (Please contact us for recommended products.)
● AC power supply adapter: +24 VDC (DC 22.8 to 25.2 V, 500 mA or more)
newDigital communication cable for main unit and PC connection (RJ11)-(converter)-(USB) and application software.
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