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Gas Mixer is a control device which can mix high accuracy gas by mass flow controller.
We design and manufacture two kinds of gas mixers, "CUBEGMseries" of cost-oriented type and "CUBEGMXseries" of touch panel type which can be operated automatically. Gas species of 2, 3, and 4 lines are standard products. We propose types according to gas type and flow rate and usage conditions.
Others can be custom made according to your request.
Feel free to contact us for product information.

Flow range of mounted standard mass flow controller is F.S.10CCM~50LM. If you have any requests, please contact us.

Product information

Gas Mixer (Touch Panel Type)
[CUBEGM-X Series]

Gas mixer [CUBEGM-X series] is a touch panel type gas mixer with mass flow controllers, control power supplies, valves, check valve and gas mixers all in one. Flow rate setting is easy, program operation is possible by setting the flow rate and time of each line. In addition, we equipped an alarm function that allows upper and lower limits of each line reference flow rate to be set, and improved operability and functionality. Just by connecting the piping to the IN side fitting and the OUT side fitting, several kinds of gases are set and controlled at an arbitrary flow rate, and mixed gas is supplied. Rather than purchasing a gas cylinder adjusted to your desired mixing ratio, running cost will be reduced if each gas is adjusted and mixed with a gas mixer.
CUBEGM-Xα Series

Gas Mixer (Buffer tank specification)
[CUBEGM-Xα Series]

Gas mixer [CUBEGM-Xα series] is a model in which a buffer tank is integrated with the touch panel gas mixer [CUBEGM-X series]. The operability and functionality of the [CUBEGM-X series] has been taken over as it is, to cope with the supply flow fluctuation to the secondary side device.
Easy to move due to stoppered casters.
We can design and manufacture according to your application, specifications and budget. The capacity of the buffer tank can be suggested according to your request and specifications.
In addition, since mixed gas (2 types) concentration meter can be installed, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Gas Mixer
[CUBEGM Series]

Gas mixer [CUBEGM seires] is a manual all-in-one unit equipped with mass flow controller, control power supply, valve, check valve, gas mixer. Simply connect the piping to the IN side and OUT side. [CUBEGM Series] is a device which supplies a mixed gas species of 2, 3, 4 to set up and control to any of the flow rate. Can be reduced the cost when you use a Gas mixer than you purchase gas cylinders that has been prepared in the mixing ratio. In addition to the standard type, it is available to design and manufacture in response to customer’s specifications or budget. Please feel free to contact us.
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Normally closed (N.C) type has been added to the 1000 series and CUBEMFC series.

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